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Rub Resistance Tester / Scuff Tester

Rub Resistance Tester / Scuff Tester

Scuff Tester / Rub Resistance Tester

This equipment is intended to evaluate the Rub Proofness of prints on paper or board. It can also be used to measure / evaluate Colour Transfer from printed / coated surface during rubbing. The application can be extended for measurement of abrasion resistance of some Plastic materials / Aluminum Foils.

Principle :
In this machine, 2 samples of the same substrate are rubbed against each other in the same plane, under a constant pressure of 2 p.s.i and at a fixed speed of 60 RPM. The number of rubs are recorded using a non-contact type digital counter.

Inference :
This machine works as a great comparator of the variations in print quality between various batchesor various suppliers Higher Rub Resistance = better print quality. Lower Rub Resistance = poor print quality.