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Metallurgical Lab Equipments

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope


Inverted Metallurgical Microscope has been engineered to meet the various requirements of modern metallurgical laboratories.

A special feature of the inverted design is a flat unobstructed stage surface which places no limitation on the size and height of the specimen.

Quality assurance throughout manufacturing process ensures that the compliance with demanding performance is matched.

Image Analyser Software


When your Microscope is interfaced with your Computer the next logical step is to add this powerful software . which is a user friendly & easy to learn.It gives reliable & repeated results.

Profile Projector


VW 1000 is an Industrial Profile projector. It is very rugged in construction & designed for use on the shop floor itself The electronic DRO eliminates any manual errors in measuring.

Screen Fine ground glass.Dia. 300 mm. Rotatable 360 degrees. Measuring 1 degree 260 mm etched scale on X & Y axis LC 0.01 MM Stage 125 x 125 mm Mechanical stage. Fitted with DRO On both X & Y axis. X Micrometer 25 mm LC 0.001 mm Y Micrometer 25 mm LC 0.001 mm Easy movement & adjustment Magnification 15x 20x 30X 40X Illumination Transmitted light with One 12V 100W Tungstan Halogen Lamp. The illumination can be increased or decreased Focusing ,By ack & Penion movement of Stage , Instrument size 370 W x 700 H x 630 D mm ,Operating voltage 220V A/C, 50HZ. Net weight 45 Kgs

Single Disk Polishing


Both polish papers or polishing Cloth can be clamped on the rotating disc.
Provision for waterflow & control.
No of Disc - One Disc diameter 20 cms.
Operating on - 220V, Single phase , AC Solid state power supply for motors is inside the machine.
Drive motor - 0.25 HP Speed - Continuously variable upto 1500 RPM Max.
Dimensions-48Lx33Bx28H Cms Net weight-30Kgs

Belt Polisher


For preliminary surface preparation of metallurgical specimens in the laboratory it is an effective machine. Belt tension is adjustable.

Belt can be quickly changed. Adequate safety provided by the belt guard. Belt size 100mmx910mm endless Motor 0.25 HP 1440 RPM 220V A/C Dimensions 460Lx370Bx250H mm

Muffle Furnace


We furnish premium quality Muffle Furnace that are highly demanding. The Muffle Furnace of our showroom are manufactured from the best quality materials that have immense strength and are durable

Hot Air Oven


Cold Setting Resin / Die Set


When the specimen is of odd shape or size tp hold Die Set For mounting the specimens with above cold setting They are kept face down in the die set & cold setting resin in 1:1 powder liquid proportion is poured in cavity.
Mounted specimens become ready in five minutes.
Mould diameter 25,32,38 & 50 mm.
Thickness 15mm it while polishing it becomes essential to mount it.
(One pack Consists Liquid 400 ml + powder 400 gm)

Set Of Graduated Eyepiece


10mm scale divided into 100 parts is mounted inside 5x and 10x eyepieces.
The scale can be focussed by movement of the eyepiece cap.
These are used for measurement of case depth, decarb depth, flex size etc.

Bakelite Hot Mounting Press


For mounting the specimens with Bakelite powder Specimen is kept face down in the Cavity & bakelite Powder is Hot moulded around it with hydraulic pressure.
Mould dia 30 mm.
With Digital timer.
Operates on 220 V A/C

Specimen Leveller


For leveling uneven specimens

Lavigated alumina powder


Grade A (Micron size 0,014 Qty.-500 GMS).
Grade B (Micron size 0,017 Qty.-500 GMS).
Grade C (micron size 0,024 Qty.-500 GM).