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Hardness Testing Machines

Barcol Hardness Tester


The Barcol Tester is a small portable Hardness Tester having a weight around 1 Kg.

It is suitable for testing hardness of aluminium, aluminium alloys, copper, brass, plastics, fiber glass and other soft materials having hardness from 25 to 150 BHN (10 mm ball / 500 kg load).

Rockwell Hardness Tester


Rockwell Hardness Testers are suitable for checking hardness of metals and their alloys.

Flat, Round as well as irregular types of components can be tested on these machines.

These machines are designed & developed considering the component size to be tested on the machines as well as load & scales to be used by the customer.

These machines are manually operated, simple in design and easy to operate.

Rockwell Hardness Testers are available in various models like VRS, VRS-150, VRB, VRB-250, VSM.

These models strictly confirm to IS:1586:2000, BS:891 part I & II, ASTM-E18 for Rockwell test and IS:2281:1983, BS:240, ASTM-E10 for Brinell test and IS:1586:2000, ASTM for Rockwell Superficial test.

Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester


Digital Motorised Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines are suitable for testing hardness of metals and alloys of all kinds.

These machines are strictly confirm to IS : 1586 : 2000, BS : 891 Part I & II,ASTM E – 18 for Rockwell test and IS : 2281 : 1983, BS : 240, ASTM – E10 for Brinell test and IS : 1586.

Computerized Vickers Hardness Testing Machine


Vickers/Vickers cum Brinell hardness testers are suitable for testing very wide range of materials. From very soft material such as lead upto hard material like hardened steel, as well as thin metal strips & case hardened jobs can be tested since the load applied is very small.

Though these machines are easy to operate it is highly precise. A push button system is provided for the selection of loads. Loading cycle and penetration of the indentor in the job starts after pressing the push button. Unloading is accomplished through handle and diagonal/diameter of impression directly appears on the screen.

A built in optical system with graduated readout with Micrometer helps the operator to measure the impression directly from the projection screen. This machine confirms to IS-1754-1986 for vickers and IS-2281-1983, BS-240 for Brinell Test.

Optical Brinell Hardness Tester VB-3000 (O)


This Machine is used for measuring Brinell hardness of ferrous and non ferrous castings in foundries, engineering industries and material testing laboratory.

It is used in forging and heat treatment plants for the measurement of hardness before and after heat treatment.This Machine conforms to IS : 2281 standard and has an accuracy within 1%.

Computerized Brinell / Vickers / Knoop Hardness Measurement system


This Hardness Pro software is exactly what your lab requires to measure your Brinell, Vickers or Knoop Indentations.The software is designed to increase productivity & efficiency to avoid any user error.

The software is also integrated with Microsoft Excel to create powerful spreadsheets at the touch of your finger tips.

This software automatically detects any camera connected to the computer which enables you to use multiple machines with a single software. This unique feature makes it one of its kind.

Auto Turret Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester


It has a more faster testing speed than other ordinary Vickers hardness tester. The hardness value can be displayed directly and not need to enter the length of the diagonal. And the HVD-1000AP is famous as its fashion and decent design, high testing precision, stable functions and simple operation.

Poldi Hardness Tester


The hammer type Poldi Impact Hardness Tester is useful for simple and quick determination of Brinell hardness of metals such as steel, cast iron, brass, aluminium, copper etc.

Due to its ease of handling and compactness, this tester is most suitable for testing heavy castings and other components.

Digital Portable Hardness Tester CD-1000-P


Wide measuring range. It can measure the hardness of all metallic materials. Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS, HL and three types of strength values immediately. Large screen LCD, showing all functions and parameters. With EL background light.

Seven impact devices are available for special application. Automatically identify the type of impact devices, and with the user calibration function. Test at any angle, even upsid down,Large memory could store 100 groups (Relative to average times 32~1) informaon including measure value, mean value, impact direction, impact times, material and hardness scale etc.

Battery information showing the rest capacity of the battery and the charge status. Original imported high speed thermal printer support the immediate printing function. It can save data permanently. NI-MH rechargeable battery as the power source. Charge circuit integrated inside the instrument. Continuous working period of not less than 150 hours (EL off and no printing). Auto power off to save energy. Excellent after-sale service system for high quality products-One year warranty. Easy to buy and comfortable to use

Digital Portable Hardness Tester TIME 5100

Concrete Hardness Tester

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Digital Shore Hardness Tester


Shore A:
Measuring range : 0 - 100 Shore A Units
Depth of indentation : 0 - 2.5 mm (the testing material has to be thicker than 6 mm)
Indentor : Flat Cone Point 35º
Measuring force : 0.55 - 8.065 N
Test pressure : 1 Kg
Weight : 200 g (net) ; 300 g (gross)
Dimensions : 115 x 60 x 25 mm


Shore D: Measuring range : 0 - 100 Shore D Units
Depth of indentation : 0 - 2.5 mm (the testing material has to be thicker than 6 mm)
Indentor : Cone Point 30º
Measuring force : 4.45 - 44.5 N
Test pressure : 5 Kg Weight : 200 g (net) ; 300 g (gross)
Dimensions : 115 x 60 x 25 mm


Tablet Hardness Tester


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Fruit Hardness Tester


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Webster Hardness Tester


Webster Hardness Tester is a portable instrument which can perform on-site hardness testing on soft materials. By a quick and easy test, the hardness value can be read out directly with a simple clamp, in accordance with American Standard ASTM B647.

Fully Automatic Inline Brinell Hardness Tester

Fully Automatic Inline Brinell Hardness Tester

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Concrete Hardness Tester

Concrete Hardness Tester

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