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Digital GSM Tester

Digital GSM Testing Machine

This equipment measures and directly indicates substance of paper and fabric in terms of grams per sq. meter (GSM). It displays gsm of samples cut selected to size on a digital indicator. This GSM value can be used in Bursting Strength Tester to get the burst factor of any paper or boards which is an important factor in the packaging industry, this instrument is used to measure paper GSM, Fabric GSM Tests.


  • Measurement can be done upto 30000 GSM
  • Accuracy : 10 x 10 - 1GSM, 20 x 10 - 0.5GSM, 20 x 20 - 0.25GSM
  • 24 – bit High resolution LED display
  • Rechargeable 6V, 1.2AH SMF battery in-built
  • Weight - 5Kg